Frances Hm…

Watching Frances Ha was not an easy task for me. I got ten minutes in and made an assumption about it – which was unfair, but still true: This is a movie about a white girl in NYC whose main concerns are men, her best friend drama and money – but not really because she probably isn’t poor. My lack of interest resulted in me attempting to watch the movie four times over a week long period because I had such little interest.

There is value in having all stories represented in movies, and TV shows, but this is one that seemed particularly uninteresting and not in the least bit revolutionary. Is it because I can not relate to it? Probably, but it pains me to see the same story (just like Girls) play out over and over again without the inclusion of comedic relief or meaningful intrapersonal insight from the main character to cushion the blow.

The fourth time that I attempted to watch the film, I started noticing the editing style and the fact that visually, it is quite appealing. In addition, the choice to make it black and white communicates certain emotions better than colour would. The only thing that I noticed about the film’s content is the fact that once Frances stopped saying that she and Sophie were the same person and introduced her as her “best friend” for the first time, she seemed happier and it gave the impression of being a symbolic moment.


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