Frances Ha Ha Ha

Frances Ha was a movie that was the equivalent of a pumpkin spice latte in the fall- generic and uncreative. A coming-of-age story, Frances tackles normal emotions as she learns who she is. The entire time I watched this movie, the only thing I could think about was; why does this story matter? What lost my interest in the plot was that everyone experiences life differently, and it just so happens that  most of us can’t relate to a plot about a jobless dancer who lives carelessly.

Society seems to be obsessed with documenting and watching each others coming-of-age stories. But why is that? Perhaps its because we live in a competitive society that wants to compare our every advances- even when the people we are comparing our lives to are fictional. It has become more about the idea of validation from others then it is about our own self awareness. Frances is continuously altering herself to fit in with people that she has out grown. Lying about jobs to advertise a fake life is just an example of how Frances fools  herself.

There’s so much to live for, and watch a movie thats plot is about a self-loathing girl is discouraging. There should be encouragement that comes from in, and not just validation from others. I don’t mean to discourage the representation in terms of issues in this movie, but it just so happens that there are real issues and real dilemmas that people face everyday; thats what I want to hear about. Not about Frances Ha.


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