Frances Ha

Prior to watching the film, Frances Ha, I had no knowledge on as to what exactly the film was about. The title of the film itself seemed interesting to me, only because of the Ha part. I thought in my head “Is this actually her last name? Or does is mean something more that than?”. As I was watching the film, it did not seem exciting at first, only because it was filmed in Black and White; it was not a generic Colour film that individuals may be used to. Which is why it may also be different than most movies that are created today.

The Black and White film could depict the various emotions that Frances is feeling. When I think of “Black and White”, I think of this as something that is two-sided. As Frances is dealing with all of these different emotions, she seems to represent herself in a way where she is “herself” with her best friend Sophie, but she can also be a diffferent person when she is with other people. Sophie knows all of Frances’ feelings and struggles in life, and knows that Frances needs help. As Frances is struggling to find a place to live, whenever she is asked about her life, she seems to respond differently than how she would talk to Sophie.

Frances and Sophie’s relationship seems almost unbreakable to a point where they were actually living together at one point. In the initial scene of the movie, Frances is asked by her boyfriend if she would like to move in with him. She denies his offer resulting in a breakup because she would rather spend more time with Sophie. This shows how string her and Sophie’s relationship is with each other. In the beginning of the film, Frances is shown as being very dependent on Sophie until reality kicks in. Sophie is leaving Frances to live with somebody else. This is where Frances starts to struggle.

The film portrays an excellent view of reality and everyday struggles that people can relate to, which is why I feel like a lot of older individuals can relate to this film. This film does not only show Frances struggling to find a place to live, but also trying to maintain certain relationships, as well as trying to become financially stable. The film shows that no matter what state an individual may be living in, there are always opportunities for them to fix up and pursue what it is that they may want to do.

Overall, I believe that the film was execellent in terms of portraying real life events. Although this is true, it is still not something that I can relate to. I believe this film was made for an audience who is much older than myself. The film shows that nobody should be ashamed of the state that they are currently living in, because there will always be another opportunity ahead. This film creates some sort of comfort in a sense for those who are also in Frances’ situation. It gives hope.


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