Cliques are not just a product of media

Though I have only watched a few sparse episodes of Gossip Girl, I disagree that the show is any kind of example of the positivity of cliques. When Chuck Bass interrupts to say “I don’t think of you,” I figured that this statement exemplifies more his heightened status than trying to make a point about cliques.  

Clique (and its connotations) is a term that tends to be reserved for friend groups that are strictly at the height of the social ladder. Alana Massey, in her article, mentions Heathers and the Plastics, two groups that epitomize the stereotypical conditions of cliques: at the top of the social ladder and exclusive. However, I have found that even if a group is not at the top of the social ladder, it is still susceptible to exclusivity, pettiness, and superficiality– all negative concepts attached to cliques.

I argue that cliques have a negative connotation, not because of how they are portrayed in the media, but how groups, of girls especially, actually are. Frenemies are real, especially considering the pressures of asserting yourself within a group of girls. You will never adore everyone you spend time with, but it is important to accept this and look instead at how your presence may positively affect other people.

Whether Chuck Bass has a poor opinion of Dan Humphrey or none at all does not change the fact that Chuck has teased Dan for the past year, purposefully contributing negatively to Dan’s social experience.  


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