Frances Ha

The movie Frances Ha was an excellent depiction of every day life interactions and experiences. I found that this movie was especially realistic in the sense that it focused a lot on different life events or situations that a girl can go through as she progresses throughout adolescence and into adulthood. The movie didn’t seem to really concentrate on one main theme or topic but rather these little every day endeavors which to me, made the movie different and enjoyable.

The movie covered everything from jobs to sex to personal relationships, and to me, the most interesting aspect was how the main character Frances dealt with and maintained relationships with other individuals in the movie. It was obvious that Frances was at her happiest and most secure when she was with her best friend Sophie. She was even willing to end things with her boyfriend if it meant spending more time with Sophie which just goes to show you how strong of a bond they have. While most women would probably desire to move in with their romantic partner and be heartbroken if their love life ended, Frances is clearly a woman with different priorities in life and doesn’t seem to worry about the fact that she broke things off with her boyfriend, but is rather content about extending her stay with Sophie in their apartment.

Frances also expresses a high sense of independence throughout the movie such as by having a job and working hard to pay rent. When thinking about it more deeply however, is she really that independent? To me, it seems that she is afraid to be alone. She is especially afraid to lose Sophie and later on in the movie, that affects her negatively when she realizes that Sophie wants to move to a different part of the city and is showing greater commitment to her boyfriend, Patch. Frances ended her relationship to be closer with Sophie, meanwhile, Sophie still maintained her relationship and is even considering living apart from Frances. This goes to show that Frances isn’t all that independent or secure as she seems because the most important thing to her is her friendship with Sophie and that she simply cant cope without her. This is why other things in her life are slowly disappearing from her and is gradually making her more “undateable” as she is described multiple times in the movie.

Overall, I think that this movie sends out a good message in terms of not being reluctant in taking on new opportunities or experiences in life. Additionally, not being attached to just one person or lifestyle, but rather being more open minded and accepting those changes that constantly occur in life.


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