The Clique Imagery


As I was reading The Clique imagery by Alana Massey, I realized that cliques have existed for a really long time. From the time I was in elementary school, every person I knew was part of a clique but as I grew older and payed more attention to the people around me, I realized that not everyone actually belongs to or is part of a clique. Some people like to be part of a clique because of the strong supporting system and the closeness of the group, while others may feel intimated and unwanted by this.

Alana Massey argues that cliques are “hyper-feminine” and they have a negative impact on the portrayal of females as it “demonstrates the absolute worst that young women have to offer: cattiness, exclusivity, cruelty, and ruthless social ambition.” I don’t agree with Massey’s statement because in my opinion, cliques can have a positive affect on an individual. Every person has different interests, views or purposes in life. Being part of a clique allows an individual to share these interests, build a community and form a strong bond of friendship. A clique is a supporting system where every individual feels valued and welcomed. Cliques are not always a group of ruthless, unmerciful and unforgiving females who exclude girls who don’t share similar interests or views.

Although, some shows and movies, such as Mean Girls and Gossip Girl, do portray female cliques as a group of ruthless girls, it also shows the emotional relationship between these girls in cliques. The friendship between Blair Waldorf and Serena Wan Der Woodsen in Gossip girl, is the most strongest friendship in the entire show build on trust and shared interest.


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