For The Love Of Cliques



The “Clique Imaginary” written by Alana Massey is definitely an opinion worth talking about. Cliques, in particular female cliques, are what I believe a vital part of human interaction. Whichever definition one uses, a clique involves spending time with and being particularly close with other people. I believe that most people on this planet desire some type of personal connection with other people, I feel it is something innate within us. Outside our families, the interactions that we have with those around us speaks quite loudly to who we are, and a lot of times speaks to who we would like to be. Close-knit friendships brings another dynamic to your life. It informs us that, yes we people we can count on who we can discuss anything with, a lot of times this involves topics that our families may not be able to understand to the certain extend that people, who we consciously choose to allow in our lives can. Even within Alana’s dissection of cliques, she speaks on the fact that outsiders feel like “outsiders”. Those who are outside of cliques are defining themselves, negatively, by their proximity a certain group. This indicates that, those who consider themselves outsiders, would like to be a part within the group. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be a part of something, but when it seems that what it is you would like to be a part of is “bad” so to speak, it gives off a sort of disassociation.

Now I’m speaking on cliques where their fundamental reasoning on spending an emense amount of time together is based upon characteristics much deeper than surface-connections. What I believe Alana should have spoke on, as well, is the fact that there are groups of people who do want to exclude others. Where their exclusion isn’t subconscious, but rather a thought-out action. When seniors in high schools pick on those who just entered, it is an act that is calculate. That is just one simple example, but the commodity of being in a group where others can not just simply “enter” can somewhat be a trophy to others, and it would give a person a broader understanding of why people do what they do to dive into that.


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