The Clique Eternal


The concept of “cliques” is not anything new or apparent in the twenty first century nor has it been since the emergence of social hierarchies. A clique is simply a way of bringing together those who are in the same social environment, hold the same standards and values, partake in similar activities, and especially how they  view outsiders. Many great thinkers such as Aristotle and John Locke were in cliques themselves which reflected their wealthy and educated lifestyles. The idea of a clique is very much human nature and it is a form of protection against the outsiders of society. Being in a close-knit community provides a sense of comfort and protection that is hard to receive anywhere else. Although Alana Massey speaks of cliques as being detrimental to female relationships, which she makes very clear points that it is, consider it as a normal social setting which will never diminish, but in fact continue to grow through out time. Massey’s statement of cliques forming not because they actually support each other but because excluding others is seen as a form of enjoyment is very debatable. Cliques form because like minded individuals with the same social, financial, and economic background tend to navigate towards each other and this is where they feel most comfortable. Massey makes very convincing points on the superficial standard of the cliques  and how hold themselves as superior. However, throughout human history this is a natural state of affairs that human life cannot function without.

Massey, A. (2016, May). The Clique Imaginary. The New Inquiry. Retrieved from


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