While watching the TV show “Girls” I found myself constantly wanting to watch another episode after an episode finished. I thought Girls was such a relatable show personality wise as well as the drama which occurred throughout the show. In certain parts/scenes of the show I thought of my friends and how they relate to certain characters on the show.

I know many people have their opinions about Lena Dunham and reasons to why they do not like her, but I don’t really know her so well to have anything negative to say about her. I think she is a good actress and her role in playing Hannah was very funny and amusing to watch.  I’ve read and heard much controversy regarding the portrayal the show has of girls/women. Yes, not all girls/women act the way the characters do but it would be reasonable to say that Lena Dunham is not trying to portray “all” women. The show like any other show has a certain audience in which it may relate to. “Girls” is a TV show and it is supposed to be humorous and different. The show is very funny and very enjoyable to watch.


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