The ‘Sad Girl Theory’: Is Our Feminism Original?

imageSince joining the class and discussing the topics assigned each week, I’ve come to a realization. This realization has been the fact that quite a few of us distance ourselves from feminism.

It is not the conscious thought that we want to be separate from feminism, but rather we want to separate ourselves from the specific need of feminism. We more often than not see feminism as a phenomenon that is more needed for “developing nations”, rather than what a country like Canada, which is commonly deemed an already “developed nation”.

The ‘Sad Girl Theory’ definitely does not dismantle this idea that “we don’t need feminism like they do”, it really seems to showcases that a lot of so-called-feminists’ actions seem to have a message of “art” rather than fighting for or against  legalities.

Especially with this theory, the actions imposed by Audrey Wollen, specifically, is not an act of originality. In lieu of originality, she decides that her way of acting upon the theory is to recreate pieces of art constructed by men. The main questions I have about this is: does the piece of work now have a different meaning because it was [re]created by a woman? Does being a woman automatically mean the significance is better? My answer to both questions would be no. I feel it is quite hard to convey a message true to self if the ideas of a person come from another person. Even with the ‘Sad Girl Theory’, I feel as thought an emotion that comes automatically, in this case sadness, is not an act of resistance. Just like yawning, our emotions are not purposefully driven, it is a reaction.


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