A Sad Turn for Feminism

Audrey Wollen’s “Sad Girl Theory” states that being a woman is dreadful thus implying that we as women should show sadness as a form of resistance. While I do agree that feminism should not concentrate on the public pride of the woman, I challenge her statement that “being a girl in the world right now is one of the hardest things there is.” In some parts of the world this statement would be incredibly true. Being a woman in Saudi Arabia, for example, where women have slim to no rights and are barely seen as people, would definitely validate that statement. However, she is not referring to those women. She is referring to women in the western world, who have made monumental progress and I would argue are very close to being seen as equal.

Because feminism in the western world has come so far, and we are in fact so close to equality, people now have different meanings of “feminism”. Because we are no longer all fighting for something concrete like suffrage or independence, feminists have decided on various ways to keep feminism alive. Some believe that as feminists, we should hate men. Others, like the women Wollen writes about, believe that feminists should always be overjoyed to be a feminist. Personally, I believe feminism is about empowerment: believing that women can achieve anything they desire, not because they are women, but because they are people. Because I don’t agree with the feminism that believes you must be overjoyed to be a woman, I also disagree with his sad girl theory movement. I feel feminists could use their time for more useful things than posting pictures of them being sad.


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