We are all part of the Sad Girl Theory

The sad girl theory is liberating, why?  A  way to use the internalizing suffering of a woman’s experience and use it to fight back against misogyny is monumental. Audrey Willson, the artist behind the Instagram account that started in 2013, informs and demonstrates how woman can use online outlets to voice their pain and agony. This “non-violent” protest that pushes against societal norms of woman having more than just two emotions – happy and bitter.  Audrey encourages the use of expressing your sad and depressed moments, to validate that even sad and depressed woman matter.  We all matter.

As a seventeen year-old growing up in downtown Toronto this encouragement of visible sadness is comforting. Often as a child my parents would force me to cover my emotions in public. Now living alone, I have the media to parent me, and being encouraged  to cry is liberating. Celebrities like Lana Del Ray and Marina And The Dimond’s broadcast their sadness and sell their emotions for millions. They are essentially getting payed to cry.

There is more to being a woman then just being happy. You are not bitter for being sad the same way that you are not happy because you’re laughing. We collectively are all sad girls learning to reverse the culture that kept us crying in washrooms rather than crying in the streets. It is time that we own our sadness and use it to normalize sad woman without pitying them.


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